Here, wishes come true.
Someone's suffering, hopes, and sadness blend into this city.
It's like a dream we can see together.
We connect the threads of hearts and spin them to create a transparent cocoon of dreams.
KAMITSUBAKI City is a virtual city made of such people's thoughts and feelings. Five witches live in this city, but no one knows; it is our secret.
The girls' voices make the soul quiver. They awaken the power of feelings, which had decayed away.
That is why it's called magic.
Whether or not this world can be revived is up to the five young witches and you, the observer.
Let the story begin.



Music and stories, the possibilities of the virtual and real.
We're taking co-creating to the next stage.

At KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, we have researched and developed the future of IPs and entertainment by nurturing artists and creating original stories. Our stories derived from music continue to expand alongside our co-creators.

Music and stories, the possibilities of the virtual and real. We're starting a new project, KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT, to bring the next chapter to life.

We're taking co-creating to the next stage.
At KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, we've continued to tackle diverse creators and artists' cutting-edge XR expression (the merge of the virtual and real) based on original IP projects.

To challenge the unknown frontier of Web3 entertainment, the KAMITSUBAKI PROJECT will combine the Web3 experience—making new co-created experiences—with the various activities we've accumulated thus far.


The KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT is an endeavor to combine the Web3 experience—making new co-created experiences—with a variety of original IP projects we at KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO have developed to create entertainment in the unknown field of Web3. First, we will develop KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis, our digital identity for the virtual city of KAMITSUBAKI City, and a metaverse that'll materialize KAMITSUBAKI City.


KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction is an original IP project that we developed. It started in 2019, and by 2021, we started our first "story," KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction EMERGENCE, a co-creative community adventure. Despite being a one-month-only project, it became a phenomenon in which over 20,000 users took part. The stories surrounding KAMITSUBAKI City diverged to more worlds, and we continue to evolve it as a unique IP project.


At KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, we manage new-generation artists as a creative label with a gathering of ingenious young talents. KAF, a virtual singer who gained attention since her debut as a unique presence, performed at Nippon Budokan in 2022, making her the first virtual singer in history to do so. We plan on not only producing artists who traverse the boundary between the real and virtual but also managing emerging artists within Web3 entertainment.

From music to stories.

We will give birth to the metaverse "KAMITSUBAKI City" and a new community that will spread from there.



This is the promotional video that we're currently working on. KAMITSUBAKI City is a virtual city based on the world born from our original story, KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction. We're constantly testing with reproducing virtual spaces with various atmospheres and cultures, such as the central Area-0 and other cities that expand from it like petals: Area-1, Area-2, Area-3, Area-4, Area-5, and Area-6.



KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis is a generative NFT art*1 that indicates the identity of a resident of KAMITSUBAKI City*2. Each art has one-of-a-kind visuals and value; it is a valid ID and proof of residence of KAMITSUBAKI City. By obtaining KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis, one could participate in the world of stories surrounding KAMITSUBAKI City and a wide array of projects developed by KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT.

PALOW., the illustrator who does many creative works like the character design of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO virtual singers KAF and RIM and the main visuals of KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction, is part of creating the art for this.

*1: NFT art that is made algorithmically and automatically according to combinations of many different art pieces
*2: A virtual city that appears in KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction, an original IP project developed by KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, which started in 2019

WEB2xWEB3 NOVEL,TRPG,GAME,ANIME KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT NFT,METAVERSE,ECOSYSTEM Music and stories, the possibilities of the virtual and real. We're taking co-creating to the next stage. RESIDENT GENESIS - 2023: FUKAIKA & KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO Partnership / Kamitsubaki Resident Genesis Released(Residents appear in KAMITSUBAKI City), ???, GIRLS REVOLUTION PROJECT, WHITE PAPER - 2024: Release of White Paper / ??? / Girls Revolution Project Begins, NEXT FANDOM - 2025: UNDER CONSTRUCTION


In 2019, we started the production of KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction, our original IP project. To manifest the theme, "from music to stories," we started the co-creative community adventure, KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction EMERGENCE, as a proposal for a new way of playing in the age of covid. The concept is: "a world where we're connected even if we're far away." After many co-creators communicated with each other, KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction EMERGENCE, which emerged as a user-participatory architecture, developed into a community that generated wisdom in numbers. We were able to redefine the relationships between co-creators in entertainment.

Music and stories, the borderless possibilities of the virtual and real. To bring the next chapter of possibilities to life, we are starting a new project, KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT. We're going to challenge ourselves to create Web3 entertainment that no one has ever made by combining the original IP projects we've built thus far with the Web3 experience.

With KAMITSUBAKI DAO*, a co-creative community of a new nature, as the jumping pad, we released developing the metaverse for the virtual city of KAMITSUBAKI City and KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis (generative NFT art), which will be the proof of one's digital identity.

*KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT is the name of our many projects that aim to create Web3 entertainment.



Hello, this is the executive producer of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, PIEDPIPER.


KAMITSUBAKI VERSE describes the collective body of original content we have cultivated, including diverse artists, creators, music, stories, and experiences. It is also a mid-to-long term, new-generation IP project where we generate new products in the Web3 era, such as a co-creative community born from said content, the metaverse, and the token economy.

Today, it's become more common to see and hear about NFTs, cryptocurrency, tokens, and other Web3 projects, so you might think of the metaverse when you first hear "VERSE."

However, KAMITSUBAKI VERSE isn't a word that only aims to create a metaverse project.

KAMITSUBAKI VERSE is a distinct world that we at KAMITSUBAKI have built. It is also a collection of multiple IPs and can be described as an ecosystem of its own.

In this world, music plays, and girls sing. Other characters branch off from the girls, and stories centered on them are continuously being born today.

This is what we've been doing.

My explanation might sound slightly abstract, but in simple terms, KAMITSUBAKI VERSE is a series that is an accumulation of the various projects we've created. Further, it represents the history of everyone who has supported what we do and the content that connects to the future.

At KAMITSUBAKI VERSE, we're going to include projects we've been working on until today while running several projects in which we've dipped our toes in the Web3 space, as described in the "PROJECT" section on our website.

Even today, after establishing KAMITSUBAKI DAO in September 2022 and our NFT project KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis, we're still in the middle of learning about the concepts surrounding Web3 and the field of DAOs and NFTs. We still have a lot of things we don't know. However, we sense potential in making new stories, experiences, and music and want to keep taking on more challenges.

We want to challenge ourselves with you all and create new stories.

We hope you join us not only as an observer but as a co-creator in deepening new stories with us.

Executive producer of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO,


Q: When is mint for KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis?

A: Our mint has finished. If you would like to purchase, please check from secondary market:

Q: Who is the main creator of Resident Genesis?

A: PALOW., who is the character designer of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO’s virtual singers, KAF, RIM and V.W.P, is the main creator.

Please click the link below for his profile:

Q: What is the utility of Resident Genesis?

A: The following are the first phase of Resident Genesis utility:

  1. Allowlist spots for Resident Genesis 2nd collection, scheduled to be announced in fall.
    Holders will be granted allowlist spots for the second NFT collection, scheduled to be announced in the fall of 2023.
  2. Release of mini game for NFT holders
    We will release a mini game limited to holders.
  3. Special fixed live viewing for KAMITSUBAKI FES ’23 on March 30th-31st
    Will be given access to a special fixed live viewing for the KAMITSUBAKI FES 23, held on March 30th-31st, 2023.

Q: Are there guidelines for the commercial use of Resident Genesis?

A: Resident Genesis holders may use the NFT artwork they own for commercial use without any restrictions on revenue.

Such artwork may be altered within the following boundaries:

– Replicating the original artwork without changing the colors

– Replicating the original artwork in black and white

– Making the size bigger or smaller while maintaining the proportions

In addition to the above, please follow KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO’s guidelines for fan-made works and have fun creating your own fan-made creations.

Q: Are there guidelines for derivative works?

A: Regarding derivative creations of KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis and content related to it, you can use and publish fan-made creations of the target content, given that you observe the following terms:

Non-commercial and personal use is permitted, except for unethical or offensive purposes or in a manner that could harm our brand or community.
When publishing derivative works, please use the Resident Genesis logo for fan-made art to avoid being mistaken as an official piece of work.
Modification of the logo for derivative creations is allowed within the following boundaries.

・Replicating the original artwork without changing the colors

・Replicating the original artwork in black and white

・Making the size bigger or smaller while maintaining the proportions

Further, please follow KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO’s guidelines for derivative works and have fun creating fan-made works.

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