KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis

KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis


We are bringing the virtual city of KAMITSUBAKI City, which stems from music, to the metaverse space. We started a project where we're building KAMITSUBAKI City, an imaginary city with its world based on music, in the metaverse space. To be ahead of the Metaverse curve, we started a new kind of Web3 community, KAMITSUBAKI DAO. We hope you can join us in building KAMITSUBAKI City as a resident that could weave new stories. We released KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis as a valid digital ID in KAMITSUBAKI City.


KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis is a generative NFT art*1 that indicates the identity of a resident of KAMITSUBAKI City*2. Each art has one-of-a-kind visuals and value; it is a valid ID and proof of residence of KAMITSUBAKI City. By obtaining KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis, one could participate in the world of stories surrounding KAMITSUBAKI City and a wide array of projects developed by KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT.

PALOW., the illustrator who does many creative works like the character design of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO virtual singers KAF and RIM and the main visuals of KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction, is part of creating the art for this.

*1: NFT art that is made algorithmically and automatically according to combinations of many different art pieces
*2: A virtual city that appears in KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction, an original IP project developed by KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, which started in 2019


WEB2xWEB3 NOVEL,TRPG,GAME,ANIME KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT NFT,METAVERSE,ECOSYSTEM Music and stories, the possibilities of the virtual and real. We're taking co-creating to the next stage. RESIDENT GENESIS - 2023: FUKAIKA & KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO Partnership / Kamitsubaki Resident Genesis Released(Residents appear in KAMITSUBAKI City), ???, GIRLS REVOLUTION PROJECT, WHITE PAPER - 2024: Release of White Paper / ??? / Girls Revolution Project Begins, NEXT FANDOM - 2025: UNDER CONSTRUCTION


In 2019, we started the production of KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction, our original IP project. To manifest the theme, "from music to stories," we started the co-creative community adventure, KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction EMERGENCE, as a proposal for a new way of playing in the age of covid. The concept is: "a world where we're connected even if we're far away." After many co-creators communicated with each other, KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction EMERGENCE, which emerged as a user-participatory architecture, developed into a community that generated wisdom in numbers. We were able to redefine the relationships between co-creators in entertainment.

Music and stories, the borderless possibilities of the virtual and real. To bring the next chapter of possibilities to life, we are starting a new project, KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT. We're going to challenge ourselves to create Web3 entertainment that no one has ever made by combining the original IP projects we've built thus far with the Web3 experience.

With KAMITSUBAKI DAO*, a co-creative community of a new nature, as the jumping pad, we released developing the metaverse for the virtual city of KAMITSUBAKI City and KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis (generative NFT art), which will be the proof of one's digital identity.

*KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT is the name of our many projects that aim to create Web3 entertainment.


Q: What is the mint price?

A: Mint price will differ from presale and public.

– Allowlist and Public Allowlist presale is 0.125 ETH.
– Public sale is 0.2 ETH.

Q: When will you start selling it?

A: Mint is scheduled to be conducted in three phases.

  1. Allowlist Presale: March 25th 10 AM – March 27th 11 AM JST (48 hrs)
  2. Public Allowlist Presale: March 27th, 11 AM – 11 PM JST (12 hrs)
  3. Public Sale: March 28th, 10 AM – March 29th, 10 AM JST (24 hrs)

Q: Who is the main creator of Resident Genesis?

A: PALOW., who is the character designer of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO’s virtual singers, KAF, RIM and V.W.P, is the main creator.

Please click the link below for his profile:

Q: How can I obtain the allowlist?

A: Several allowlist events are being held within KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis’ official discord.

Please join for further information:

Q: What is the utility of Resident Genesis?

A: The following are the first phase of Resident Genesis utility:

  1. Allowlist spots for Resident Genesis 2nd collection, scheduled to be announced in fall.
    Holders will be granted allowlist spots for the second NFT collection, scheduled to be announced in the fall of 2023.
  2. Release of mini game for NFT holders
    We will release a mini game limited to holders.
  3. Special fixed live viewing for KAMITSUBAKI FES ’23 on March 30th-31st
    Will be given access to a special fixed live viewing for the KAMITSUBAKI FES 23, held on March 30th-31st, 2023.

Q: Are there guidelines for the commercial use of Resident Genesis?

A: Resident Genesis holders may make commercial use of the NFT artwork in their possession without any revenue restrictions.

Artwork may be modified to the following extent:

– Creating copies with no color alterations

– Creating black-and-white copies

– Scaling image while maintaining proportions

Q: Are there guidelines for derivative works?

A: Non-commercial and personal use will be allowed, except for unethical or offensive purposes or any way that harms our brand or community.

For secondary use in commercial use, please refer to Resident Genesis Commercial Use.

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